Reiki Classes and Training

Aura photo of Claire with colorful aura and guardian angels as seen in the white orbs.

Reiki Training - Give Yourself the Gift of Peace & Healing

Reiki training opens the door to a whole new, incredible world.  You begin to understand how your thoughts and emotions influence your health and you learn the skills and tools needed to give yourself the gift of peace and healing whenever you want.  

Learning Reiki is the best gift you can give yourself.  It opens and increases your natural ability to enhance your own health and wellness and to be able to offer comfort and relief to your family and friends in a way you never could before.  It is a life changing gift that is always available wherever you are and whenever you need it.  It can be done on yourself, for others, and even people located in another state or country. Reiki training gives you a greater power to help the world in a whole new way.

Read about the benefits of Reiki and how people feel after a reiki session.Reiki 


Learning Reiki is the best gift you can give yourself. It is life changing.

Reiki Training and My Philosophy as a Reiki Teacher

Claire teaches Usui Reiki Level 1, Reiki II (2), and Reiki Master classes and training and other introductory energy system and energy healing classes in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington D.C. area for 20 years.  I also teach online or virtual Reiki classes through distance learning over Zoom.

I have taught energy healing classes at the Bon Secours Spiritual Center at retreats, the Montgomery County Women’s Wellness Fair, Lockheed Martin, and at churches.

For my Usui Reiki training, I took my training with a teacher who was four Reiki Masters from the founder, Mikao Usui, so you would have a teacher and have attunements and a Reiki lineage close to the source of this wonderful healing method.

With over 20 years experience as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, I teach beyond what is normally taught in Reiki training to integrate best practices and a stronger knowledge base of the human energy system to help you understand how Reiki works and can be felt and seen.  As a systems engineer for over 30 years, I bring a strong left-brain analytical thinking and grounded teaching style to my classes.

I was raised in the Catholic faith, so the way I teach Reiki is that all energy comes from the Divine Creator or God.  Traditionally, Reiki is based on allowing the energy that is around us and the earth to move through the practitioner to the recipient.  Since intention is key in energy healing, I believe and teach that God’s love and healing flows through me or the student to the person. It is more of a spiritual belief and by doing Reiki, we are doing what Jesus showed us when He healed and gave the power to His disciples to heal. (Matthew 10:1)

Reiki is like Prayer Plus.  You pray or wish healing and happiness for yourself and others.  Reiki gives you the ability to actively participate in the process between the God and the recipient. As we become an instrument of God’s love and healing, Reiki enhances your connection and relationship with the God. Reiki is an active prayer.

Reiki is like Prayer Plus. It combines prayer and being an instrument of healing. Reiki is an active prayer.

Reiki Improves Your Aura and Your Life

Claire's aura photo with red showing headache. Tired shown by darkness and lack of color

The first aura photo shows me stressed and tired from long work days and jet lagged from getting up for an early morning flight. Notice the darkness or lack of energy. The red above my head shows the pain of my headache. By doing Reiki on myself, I was able to reduce my headache and recharge myself, so I could listen and enjoy the conference  instead of going back to my hotel room and taking a long nap.

The second aura photo is more of my normal state with gold (spiritual, connection to the Divine, wisdom) and pink (natural healer, intuitive, gentle,  loving energy).  Doing Reiki for yourself will change the colors of your aura and transform your life in amazing ways.

Claire's aura photo with a gold and pink aura. Reiki training has changed my aura and life.

Reiki Level 1 Training

Reiki Level 1 Training is normally taught as a one day or 8 hour class.  For a virtual class, it is taught over two days.  It is a life changing gift that will open your mind to new worlds and possibilities.  It gives you a gift of healing that is yours for life.  You will be able to:

  • List the Reiki benefits and what it can be used for
  • The story of how Mikao Usui received and taught Reiki
  • See your Reiki Lineage to Mikao Usui
  • Receive four attunements which increases your ability to do reiki (others offer one)
  • Practice the Reiki hand positions for doing Reiki on yourself
  • Review the anatomy of the energy system and how they relate to your body, mind, and spirit
  •  Practice the Reiki hand positions for doing Reiki on someone else
  • Receive a Reiki I manual
  • Graduate with a beautiful Reiki 1 Certificate
  • Tuition:  $200

Reiki Level 2 Training

Reiki Level II or 2 Training is normally taught as a one day or 8 hour class.  For a virtual class, it is taught over two days.  You will be able to:

  • List the benefits and draw the three Reiki symbols used to increase power, heal the subconscious, and perform long distance healing
  • Receive two attunements which further increases your ability to do reiki (others offer one)
  • Review the anatomy of the energy system and how they relate to your body, mind, and spirit
  • Practice the Reiki symbols while doing a Reiki session
  • Practice doing a long distance Reiki session using two methods
  • Discuss how to create a healing environment when working with others
  • Practice methods for assessing the energy system of others
  • Review the pre-requisites needed before taking Reiki Master training
  • Receive a Reiki 2 manual
  • Graduate with a beautiful Reiki II Certificate
  • Tuition:  $300

Reiki Level 3 Training

Reiki Level III or 3 Training is normally taught as a half a day class for both in-person and virtual.  Pre-requisite is Reiki 2 training with me.  This class includes the final attunement to make you a full Reiki 3 Practitioner and a personal clearing and healing meditation to help you see your path and gifts as a Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki Master - Teacher Training

Reiki Master – Teacher Training is a period of mentorship over several months.  It is for a person who wishes to teach others Reiki, so during this time you will be having Reiki hands-on and long distance experiences and building your own depth of knowledge with which you will draw from to share with your students.  Pre-requisite is Reiki 2 and 3 training with me.  As discussed in Reiki II, you will be giving and documenting 50 Reiki sessions and we will be meeting to discuss what you have learned and review the Reiki training you create as a part of the mentorship.

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Claire is an expert in Healing Touch, Reiki and Bioenergy therapies with over 20 years of experience.  

Contact me to set-up your own Reiki class or find out when the next class is offered. I also provide energy healing consultation and mentoring.