Best Restaurants in Miami Beach with Outdoor Dining

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For the best restaurants in Miami Beach with outdoor dining (South Beach area) and outdoor restaurants near Collins Avenue (Ave), here are the top restaurants and locations we have eaten at and our favorite dishes. All locations are in walking distance of hotels like SLS hotel, Loews, Palm, and Ritz Carlton on Collins Ave.

Miami Beach – South Beach has three main pockets of restaurants offering outdoor dining. Most outside tables have umbrellas or a tent-like covering to protect diners from the rain.

  • Ocean Drive – the heart of South Beach nightlife with restaurants and smaller hotels. It is commonly shown on the news reports of Miami nightlife and Spring Break. It is near Lummus Park and Muscle Beach across from the beach.
  • Lincoln Mall – on Lincoln Road – an outdoor shopping mall with restaurants located between the buildings and in the buildings. Large selection of about 38 outdoor restaurants and fun place to eat. On Halloween night, it is a great place to see people in costumes. This was our preferred location since two hotel staff said it was safer than Ocean Drive at night.
  • Espanola Way – a picturesque street with trees and lights featuring about 18 restaurants

Tip: Most restaurants and bars add an automatic 18% gratuity or tip to your check for the server.

Best Restaurants in Miami Beach with Outdoor Dining for Dinner

For outdoor restaurants in Miami Beach, these are some of the best restaurants. For Fridays and Saturdays and during peak vacation times (mid-December – September), I recommend making reservations in advance to avoid long waits. In order of preference, here are the best restaurants with outdoor dining in Miami Beach. Many are open for lunch as well. Click on the links to go directly to the review.

  1. The Bazaar – by Jose Andres featuring tapas small dishes from Spain and Singapore for dinner. Collins Ave
  2. Havana 1957 – Located at all three locations featuring Cuban food and a variety of rums. Lincoln Mall, Ocean Drive, Espanola Way.
  3. Santorini by Georgios – Beautiful Greek restaurant with outdoor pool and large portions
  4. Byblos – Mediterranean food in a garden atmosphere or elegant interior. Near Collins Ave.
  5. Lure – Seafood and sushi. Collins Ave.
  6. Mercado Della Pescheria – Charcoal cooked seafood and Italian. Espanola Way.
  7. Fi’lia – American and Italian. Collins Ave
  8. Social Club – Interesting sounding food and dessert boards Collins Ave
  9. Ole Ole Steakhouse – Steak and empanadas. Lincoln Mall.
Best Restaurants in Miami Beach with Outdoor Seating: The Bazaar S'Mores Chocolate Cake
The Bazaar S’Mores Chocolate Cake

The Bazaar by Jose Andres at SLS Hotel Review ($$$)

The Bazaar is located in the modern, hip SLS hotel at 1701 Collins Ave. For dinner, it features tapas small plates from Spain and Singapore. Our favorite dinner dishes and drinks:

  • The pitcher of red sangria will last throughout your dinner.
  • Salt Air Margarita – salt foam on top of a margarieta
  • Kueh Pai Ti – shrimp, peanuts, chili sauce (not hot) in a crunchy rice container; Singapore street food. My favorite.
  • Cuban Coffee Rubbed Churrasco – small serving of steak rubbed in coffee with coffee air
  • Brussels Sprouts – big bowl of steamed brussel sprouts with a lemon pith puree, apricots, grapes, lemon air, and plantain
  • Conch Fritters “Cafe Atlantico” – light conch fritters with a liquidy center
  • Bao Con Lechon – Chinese steamed buns with pork belly (a bit heavy)
  • S’Mores Chocolate Cake – small chocolate cake, toasted marshmallows served flaming, caramelized banana, milk ice cream. You will need one per person. See the top picture.
  • Key Lime Pie – a deconstructed, small, light, nice and tart dessert

This restaurant is a culinary adventure with so many delicious foods. Menu:

The Bazaar Kueh Pai Ti
The Bazaar Kueh Pai Ti
The Bazaar Brussels Sprouts
The Bazaar Brussels Sprouts
The Bazaar Cuban Coffee Rubbed Churrasco Steak
The Bazaar Cuban Coffee Rubbed Churrasco Steak
The Bazaar Key Lime Pie
The Bazaar Key Lime Pie

Tip: Open Table does not allow you to reserve an outside table but you can request it. Unless you have an earlier reservation and can get an outside table, 7:00 pm is a good time to be there as the earlier diners leave to get an outside table then 9:00 pm and later. When you arrive, make sure you tell the hosts that you would like to wait for an outside table.

The outdoor area is under a roof with some of the tables on the outside with umbrellas. It was dark at the tables, so I had trouble reading the menu and it makes it hard to see the colors in the food and pictures. Dining inside was not a problem and tables were available during the week nights.

The Bazaar outside dining area
The Bazaar outside dining area
The Bazaar Miami Beach Inside the Restaurant
The Bazaar Miami Beach Inside the Restaurant

With The Bazaar being located in the SLS hotel, you get the benefit of watching the beautiful people on their way to a special event at Hyde Beach Park but also the people from the pool area walking though the restaurant to the hotel lobby. You may want to specify if you prefer a table further away from the area. On the positive side, there will be greater fresh air flow from the doors when they open. The swimming pool closes at sunset but people are allowed to stay outside longer, so you may have people walking through in their bathing suit or bath robe.

The Bazaar restaurant at the SLS hotel
The Bazaar restaurant at the SLS hotel

Mojitos and People Watching at Havana 1957 Ocean Drive
Mojitos and People Watching at Havana 1957 Ocean Drive

Havana 1957 Review ($$)

For a chain restaurant, the Cuban food is consistently good with great service and located on Ocean Drive, Lincoln Mall, and Espanola Way. We have eaten at the restaurant for every trip, and it is reasonably priced.

Before 7:00 pm is Happy Hour for discounted drinks if you ask. Start with a mojito. The roasted chicken dishes are moist and tender and my husband’s favorite.

I enjoyed the Garlic Shrimp Camarones Al Ajillo or big shrimp in garlic, olive oil, and white wine with white rice and sweet plantains.

Havana 1957 Garlic Shrimp Camarones Al Ajillo
Havana 1957 Garlic Shrimp Camarones Al Ajillo

A good way to try several dishes is to share La Orquesta Cubana which is a platter of Havana 1957 chicken, Ropa Vieja (shredded flank steak in criolla sauce) and Lechon (pork leg with Cuban jojo). It comes with rice, black beans, salad and sweet plantains.

Havana 1957 La Orquesta Cubana
Havana 1957 La Orquesta Cubana

At the end of the meal, the Ultimate Chocolate Cake and one of the many rums with people watching is the best. My husband has learned the pleasures of sipping a Ron Zacapa rum after dinner from Havana 1957.

Havana 1957 Chocolate Cake
Havana 1957 Chocolate Cake

The Ocean Drive location is a good place to watch the Miami nightlife and next to the beach. Tables are near the building and under umbrellas. The tables on Ocean Drive seemed to have a little more room around them. In the Lincoln Mall location, the seats were so close together, my seat was touching seat at the next table.

Havana 1957 on Ocean Drive Outdoor Dining
Havana 1957 on Ocean Drive Outdoor Dining


Reservations can be made on OpenTable and during busy times, can help you avoid a wait.

Santorini by Giorgios Spanakopita
Santorini by Giorgios Spanakopita

Santorini by Georgios Review ($$)

($$) Located in the Hilton Bentley South Beach Hotel (101 Ocean Drive), near the port where the cruise ships leave and about 1.5 miles away, the Greek restaurant features delicious food, fresh seafood, and huge portions that makes the walk worthwhile. The outdoor area has a roof, tents and looks out on a pool with lovely lights. It is a romantic yet family friendly atmosphere. The night we were there, there was a live singer followed by belly dancers. People enjoy the Happy Hour there.

We shared the Mama’s Spanakopita (filo dough stuffed with fresh spinach and feta cheese) which came in three large pieces and dip followed by the Mixed Grill. Two skewers of charcoal grilled chicken kebabs (small), steak minuta, and a huge amount of lamb with a Greek salad and fries. Definitely good for sharing. I wish we were hungrier since there were so many good things to try such as wild caught salmon, bronzini, snapper, lobster, and various Experiences meant for 2 or more people to sample a variety of dishes and sides.

Santorini by Giorgios Mixed Grill with lamb, steak, chicken, fries, and Greek salad
Santorini by Giorgios Mixed Grill

Menu: Reservations can be made on OpenTable. This was the only restaurant we have been to that did not automatically add an 18% tip, probably since it was located farther away from the tourist area.

Best Restaurants in Miami Beach with Outdoor Seating: Santorini by Giorgios Outdoor View with Singer, Lights, and Pool
Santorini by Giorgios Outdoor View with Singer

Best Restaurants in Miami Beach with Outdoor Dining: Byblos
Byblos Outdoor Dining Area

Byblos Review ($$)

Located at 1545 Collins Ave, the Byblos restaurant features Mediterranean food. The interior is colorful, modern, exotic, and beautiful and the outside dining at the front of the building is surrounded by hedges to provide a garden-life feel from the Collins Avenue pedestrians.

The best dish was the Turkish Manti dumplings appetizer which is served with yogurt, eggplant, and molasses.

Byblos Turkish Manti Dumplings
Byblos Turkish Manti Dumplings

We also enjoyed the Roasted Red Beets with pistachio, caraway, labneh, and barbari bread. The Hummus Royale with huge on the hummus and pita bread part but light on the beef tenderloin part. Although it was accented with pomegranate, roasted pine nuts, I found it rather bland and thought it could have used more garlic or flavor but it was super creamy and smooth.

Byblos Hummus Royale
Byblos Hummus Royale

The Roasted Brussel Sprouts were fine. A special dessert is the Stuffed Baklava which comes with mint ice cream, pistachio nougat, and dark chocolate.

Tip: For the still tap water that is filtered or sparkling filtered water, it is the same price (about $3 per person) and you pay once for all the water you can drink. It is served in a bottle.

None of the staff were wearing masks. Inside, it was quite crowded and lively.

Menu: Reservations can be made on OpenTable.

Lure Red Snapper
Lure Red Snapper

Lure Review ($$$)

The name Lure Fishbar, located at the Loews hotel at 1601 Collins Ave, made me want to skip the restaurant because it conjured up smelly fish and beer served in a wooden plank shanty bar. Once we found the restaurant, located in the building to the right of the Loews hotel, I was immediately soothed by the sight of white tablecloths and candles on the terrace with warm ocean breezes. Inside, the restaurant features a nautical theme with polished wood.

For fresh fish, sushi, or surf and turf, Lure is a great place to come. I loved the Tuna Taco appetizer (you will need to order an extra taco so a party of two can each have two).

Lure Tuna Tacos
Lure Tuna Tacos

Fish choices include Red Snapper, Lobster, Branzino, Tuna, Salmon, Halibut, Scallops, Daurade, Sea Urchin. I was not hungry, so I got the Lobster Roll which was a nice size and just enough mayonnaise. It was perfect! The handmade potato chips were made in too much oil and with too much salt though. My husband thought the Steamed Red Snapper with red curry, bok choy, and jasmine rice was good.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie with vanilla ice cream dessert is popular and a winner.

Lure Chocolate Chip Cookie
Lure Chocolate Chip Cookie Dessert

Reservations can be made through or

Mercado Della Pescheria Lobster Linguini

Mercado Della Pescheria Review ($$)

Located at 412 Española Way, Mercado Della Pescheria Espanola Way, features Italian classics such as spaghetti and meatballs, chicken parmesan, Mama’s Lasagna, gnocchi, alfredo and carbonara dishes to meats cooked over a coal fire: steaks, lobster, snapper, seabass, prawns, and tuna.

I splurged on the Lobster Linguini which is half a lobster coal roasted on a heirloom tomato, garlic, shallot, imported linguini in a seafood broth. I thought I got the smaller half of the lobster and probably would not order it again. My husband got one of the charcoaled fish which came with a large helping of cauliflower. Make sure you leave room for the Mercado Tableside Tiramisu which is made at your table and big enough to share. Creamy, coffee flavored goodness!

Mercado Della Pescheria Tableside Tiramisu

It is a short, romantic walk on Española Way between the buildings and the light wrapped trees. When we got to the end, the street looked more deserted, so we came back the way we came and walked back toward Collins Ave which has more people and car traffic. On the way back, while waiting for a light to change, there was a crazed man screaming and throwing trash out of a trashcan onto the sidewalk and at cars. After that, I preferred going to Lincoln Rd to the Lincoln Mall restaurants.

Menu: Reservations can be made on OpenTable.

Fi'lia Salmon Tartare
Fi’lia Salmon Tartare

Fi’la South Beach Review ($$)

Located at the Iberostar Berkeley Shore Hotel at 1610 Collins, Ave, Fi’lia offers dining on the front porch with a view of the people walking by Collins Ave and a Tuscan and Italian menu.

I would stop by just to get the Salmon Tartare appetizer which came with shallots, seaweed, and a generous serving of soft, fried plantains to use as crackers with the Hibiscus Fizz drink. My husband got the lasagna which he said was good.

The Ravioli Ricotta e Spinaci which was five large ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach in a sage, brown butter, and shaved parmesan cheese sauce. It was satisfying.

Ravioli Ricotta e Spinaci
Ravioli Ricotta e Spinaci

Menu: Reservations can be made on OpenTable.

Social Club Review ($$)

Located at the Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel at 1717 Collins, Ave, Social Club is known for their brunch and their fun social boards as well as French and Italian cuisine.

Social Boards include an empanada board, Farm & Roots board (edamame hummus, rainbow carrots grilled, fennel, rainbow beets, jalapeno yogurt, herb crouton), a Cheese & Charcutiere board, Scallop board. Entrees include chicken, fish, steak. Menu:

It can be hard to get find a reservation on Open Table, so you may want to stop by later in the night just to get a dessert board.

Ole Ole Steakhouse Tomahawk Steak
Ole Ole Steakhouse Tomahawk Steak

Ole Ole Steakhouse Review ($$$)

Ole Ole Steakhouse is located at Lincoln Mall. It is a popular restaurant and seems to have a lot of full tables even during the week. The Empanada Argentina are huge, puffy empanadas come in flavors such as spinach, chicken, and beef are are almost a meal unto themselves. I would skip the Tuna Tartare which although was a big serving and did not make us sick; looked old. There are a lot of selections: fish, chicken, ribs, paella and pizza. The Cowboy Ribeye Steak was greatly enjoyed by my husband. If you have a huge appetite or want to share, the Prime Aged Tomahawk Rib Steak 3 lb was strongly pushed by the server. The $90 price probably made it extra attractive for her.

Overall, I was left with a bad feeling about the restaurant due to the servers trying to push more food on us than we wanted. Our waitress said how the appetizers small and are only enough for one person, but the empanadas were big enough that I would normally only eat one for a lunch. The host or a manager came by and questioned why I was only eating an appetizer. I told him we ordered three appetizers. He backed down but pushed the Prime Aged Tomahawk Rib Steak 3 lb some more.

Menu: Reservations can be made on OpenTable.

Outdoor Restaurants in Miami Beach for Breakfast

The Bazaar Breakfasts
The Bazaar Breakfasts: Avocado Toast, Pastry Basket, Greek Yogurt and Berries

For outdoor restaurants in Miami Beach for breakfast, you may want to find a bakery, coffee stop, or Starbucks for a light and inexpensive breakfast. There is a Starbucks in Lincoln Mall; otherwise, the restaurants around Collins Ave seems to be similar in price.

Tip: With the American Express Fine Hotel and Hotel Collection program, we pick hotels offering a complimentary breakfast which is normally a credit of around $70 for two people which with tax and tip pays for most of the breakfast bill.

In order of preference, here are the outdoor restaurants near Collins Ave serving breakfast/brunch/lunch that we have had breakfast.

  1. The Bazaar – ($$) Avocado toast with egg, Eggs Benedict, Greek yogurt with granola and berries, freshly made mini-pastry basket. Tables under a roof (good for rain). Located at SLS hotel at 1701 Collins Ave
  2. Front Porch Cafe – ($$) Big breakfasts that will leave you full for a while. The omelet with brie and avocado- yum! Tables on the front porch. Located at the Crown Plaza hotel at 1458 Ocean Dr.
  3. Preston’s Market – ($$) Buffet with made to order omelets, eggs, potatoes, meats, croissants/pastries, berries. Tables on the balcony. Located in the Loews hotel at 1601 Collins Ave.
  4. IT Italian Trattoria – ($) Pastries, croissants, cappuccino, fresh juice and vegetable bar. A few tables outside on the sidewalk. Located at 1656 Collins Ave
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